63-Fold Increase in Utilization Adds Momentum to Drive to Make Telehealth Access Changes Permanent

When it comes to the future of telehealth, there are three undisputable facts: Fact 1: Unprecedented numbers of Americans tried it during the pandemic. Fact 2: Most of the people that utilized … [Read more...]

Medicare Reimbursement

The 6 Changes to the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Most Likely to Affect Your Lab

CMS issued the final rule setting out the Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) for 2022. Here’s a look at the six changes that are most likely to … [Read more...]

Personalized Medicine

23andMe Moves into Telehealth via $400 Million Lemonaid Acquisition

It’s been a busy year for 23andMe. Consumer DNA testing giant 23andMe. Less than five months after going public, the consumer genetic testing giant has made a major move to establish its position as a … [Read more...]


Telehealth Utilization Plateaus but Pandemic Surges Are Still a Game Changer

Digital technology has laid the groundwork for the long-term shift of medical care from in-person to virtual settings. And while it didn’t start the movement, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly … [Read more...]


Getting Medicare Reimbursement for Telehealth Lab Services: The New CONNECT for Health Act

Like most cliches, the one about the COVID-19 pandemic’s transformation of medicine forever is laden with truth. Telemedicine is Exhibit A. Of course, telemedicine goes back decades. But the pandemic … [Read more...]