Test Quality

Physicians Stress Urgent Need for COVID-19 Antibody Reference Testing Standard

Widespread COVID-19 testing is essential to safely reopen the US. While test availability has been the main focus, test accuracy may prove to be the bigger issue. If a test erroneously delivers a … [Read more...]


Test Quality: New Study Casts Doubt on Whole Exome Sequencing’s Accuracy in Diagnosing Genetic Disorders

Depending on the reporting laboratory, patients who undergo whole exome sequencing may receive false negatives or incomplete test results. That is the finding of a new study published in Clinical … [Read more...]


Standard Pathology Tests Outperform Molecular Subtyping in Bladder Cancer Tumor Classification

The deadliness of muscle invasive bladder cancer has made the development of new diagnostic and treatment methods imperative. One strategy involves the use of molecular genetic testing to subtype … [Read more...]


AACC Calls on Laboratories to Take Measures to Minimize Risks of Biotin Interference

Biotin interference with test accuracy has become a matter of growing concern in recent months. Last November, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated a previous safety communication … [Read more...]