The DX Pipeline: New Invitae App Leverages Apple Watch Data for Studying Disease Genetics

Invitae’s newly launched Invitae Discover app is in many ways the perfect manifestation of where consumer-based precision medicine diagnostics is heading. The app combines health and activity data from Apple Health and the customer’s Apple Watch with genetic testing results to help researchers achieve a better understanding of the genetics behind disease. All the customer has to do is install the app, which is available in the Apple Store, and allow it to monitor his/her health data.

“The creation of the Invitae Discover platform will make it easier to conduct studies that assess genetic test results alongside the biometric data that is now easily available on Apple Watch, thereby joining basic electrophysiological data with genetic information in order to advance our understanding of the genetic underpinnings of disease and help improve clinical care,” noted Invitae chief medical officer Robert Nussbaum, M.D.

The first study on Invitae Discover, called Afib CAUSE (Correlations between atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy phenotypes and variants of uncertain significance in cardiac-related genes), is already underway. The study will seek to leverage the mobile device data and customers’ genetic testing results to analyze how genetic changes contribute to atrial fibrillation and other cardiovascular conditions.

Other New DX Product Launches

Here’s a rundown of the key product launches announced from mid-November through late December, 2019.

Company(ies) Product(s)/Service(s)
Caris Life Sciences MI GPS (Genomic Profiling Similarity) Score generating AI-driven tumor type biology similarity score
Qlucore Version 3.6 of Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE) data analysis software
Fluxion Biosciences 3 new targeted NGS liquid biopsy panels:
*Spotlight Myeloid
*Spotlight EGFR
*Spotlight TP53
Cergentis Target Locus Amplification (TLA) technology for sequencing complete cancer genes
Fluidigm 100+ pathologist-verified Maxpar antibodies for use with imaging mass cytometry on Hyperion Imaging System
Bionano Genomics Bionano Prep SP Bone Marrow Aspirate Kit for DNA isolation from bone marrow aspirates
GenScript Precision Mutant Library Services for drug development, industrial chemical + synthetic biology markets
Horizon Discovery Predesigned synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA)
Dante Labs Whole GenomeH, NGS-based testing service featuring genome assembly with both long + short read technologies
Macrogen of Korea Northeast Asian Reference Database (NARD) of whole-genome sequencing + genetic variant data
Quadrant Biosciences Clarifi ASD, epigenetic test designed to help diagnose autism spectrum disorder in children ages 18 months through 6 years
SiO2 Materials Science Synergy Tube, a blood collection tube designed to optimize nucleic acid recovery + cancer tumor cells (CTCs) after blood draw
Devyser HBOC kit for hereditary breast + ovarian cancer testing
10x Genomics Visium Spatial Gene Expression solution
Biocept New assay for detecting TRK proteins in circulating tumor cells
Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification
HTG Molecular Diagnostics Version 2.0 of HTG EdgeSeq Reveal data analysis software

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