Protein Patterns Investigated for Markers of Early Ovarian Cancer

The combination of liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry enabled the discovery of four biomarkers holding promise to become "useful" in the development of a multipanel test for the early … [Read more...]


Lessons from Ebola Can Enhance Future Diagnostic Preparedness

"Failures" in diagnostic preparedness, including testing capacity, led to delays in identifying the Ebola virus as the culprit of the 2014-2015 epidemic and contributed to the outbreak's … [Read more...]


Inside the Diagnostics Industry: At-Home Testing Options Expanding

There is a proliferation of companies offering at-home testing. In some cases these are mail-in tests where patients collect their own samples (blood, mouth swab, urine, or stool) and mail them into a … [Read more...]


Sequencing-Based Screening Needed for Therapeutic Stem Cells

One of the potential therapeutic advantages of stem cells is that they can regenerate. But, a new study, published May 11 in Nature, suggests that the longer stem cell lines replicate the more … [Read more...]


Publications Validate LDT for Sperm Function, as Measure of Fertility

The Cap-Score Sperm Function Test (Androvia LifeSciences) can accurately assess sperms' capaciatation state, a necessary condition for male fertility, and report the percentage of sperm in a sample … [Read more...]


C-reactive Protein May Inform Antidepressant Medication Selection

Baseline C-reactive protein (CRP) levels may be informative to guide treatment selection and improve clinical outcomes for outpatients being treated for depression, according to a study published in … [Read more...]


Potential Upcoming Shifts for Diabetes-Related Diagnostic Testing

New research suggests that potential shifts might occur in diabetes-related testing, including potential increased use of point-of-care- (POC-) based hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) testing for systematic … [Read more...]


Testing Recommendations Expand as Zika Season Approaches

As warm weather sets in across the southern portion of the United States, public health officials are planning for the 2017 Zika season. This mosquito year experts have a better knowledge about the … [Read more...]


Could the AHCA Slow Interest in Genetic Testing?

While it remains uncertain what the Senate will do with the American Health Care Act (AHCA), alarm is spreading about the legislation's implications for the estimated quarter of Americans under the … [Read more...]


Genomic Testing May Be Currently Overhyped, Oncologists Say

Most oncologists believe genomic testing is a major advance, but that it is "significantly overpromoted," according to a survey conducted by Medscape and the Swedish Cancer Institute in … [Read more...]