Supercomputer Dramatically Speeds Genome Analysis

The limited ability to analyze multiple genomes simultaneously creates a computational or data bottleneck that increases the time and cost of analysis, limiting the application of next-generation … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: BRCA Testing Growing; Market Increases Seen With New Players, Intended Populations

The 2013 revelation of Angelia Jolie’s BRCA status and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling invalidating the patentability of the BRCA gene the following month thrust BRCA testing into the limelight. … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: Sequencing Continues Making Headlines, Though Panels Will Dominate in Short Term

Rapid incorporation of sequencing into clinical practice is stirring excitement in the molecular diagnostics industry, but in reality this method faces some hurdles. The emerging clinical applications … [Read more...]

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to Expand Quantitative Biology

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL; Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) announced a $50 million gift to establish a center for quantitative biology. The Center’s establishment is part of a trend in which both … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: NextCODE Tackles Genome Interpretation Bottleneck

NextCODE Health (Boston) has launched clinical genomic services leveraging a platform originally developed at deCODE genetics. With the advent of affordable whole-genome sequencing, NextCODE’s … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: MDx Emerging on Mobile Platforms

Most of the conversation regarding shifting test volumes of advanced molecular testing toward decentralized locations has focused on whether this type of testing, including next-generation … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: Trovagene Looks to Transform Cancer Care Using Cell-Free DNA

Trovagene (San Diego) sees an opportunity to transform cancer care through noninvasive genomic monitoring using cell-free DNA. Unlike other technologies that rely upon blood samples, Trovagene’s … [Read more...]

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: One Drop of Blood Going a Long Way to Diagnose Disease

It was just over a year ago that Theranos (Palo Alto, Calif.) set the laboratory industry abuzz by unveiling its microsample testing services at Walgreens locations. While Theranos’s rapid results and … [Read more...]