Brief Your CEO: Use New OIG Work Plan to Keep Your Lab Compliant in 2017

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Anti-kickback and Stark Law Compliance Tips

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PAMA Update: OIG Status Report on Implementing New Medicare Fee Schedule for Part B Lab Tests

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Social Media and Hiring: Can You Use Facebook to Screen Job Applicants?

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No One-Size-Fits-All Answer for Frequency of Billing and Coding Audits

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Penalties for False Claims Aren’t the Only FCA Risk to Avoid

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Data Analytics Fuels Billions of Dollars in Fraud Recoveries Says OIG, CMS

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OIG Advisory Opinion Says GPO That Includes Labs Has “Acceptably Low” Anti-Kickback Risk

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are entities that act as a purchaser of supplies and equipment for a number of other entities—usually health care providers like hospitals. Laboratories, often … [Read more...]


DOJ Continues Focus on Individual Accountability with FCPA Self-Disclosure Pilot

By Kelly A. Briganti, Editorial Director, G2 Intelligence If the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) sounds like it shouldn't be of concern to laboratories and the diagnostics industry, think again. … [Read more...]

Ensure Regular training for Billing and Coding staff

Don’t overlook continual training of your billing and coding staff. It’s a compliance principle that the OIG emphasized in its initial compliance guidance for laboratories in 1998 and it is still just … [Read more...]