TOOL: Model Employee Illness/Injury Reporting Policy

The OSHA Recordkeeping Standard requires you to record and potentially report work-related illnesses and injuries. Reporting of illnesses and injuries is also crucial to investigating, identifying and … [Read more...]


Attendees Given Insider’s Look at a Hospital Laboratory Joint Venture

Hospital systems are increasingly exploring joint ventures as a means to monetize some of the hospital outreach laboratory's assets without exiting the business. Attendees at G2's 36th annual … [Read more...]


Insurer Accuses Florida Lab, California Hospital of Toxicology Test Billing Fraud

Case: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is suing Reliance Laboratory Testing for allegedly conspiring with California hospital Sonoma West Medical Center to create a fraudulent billing organization in a … [Read more...]


Enforcement Trends: Private Insurers Are Cracking Down on the Labs that Scam Them

Watch out billing scammers! The DOJ, OIG and whistleblower have a new ally in their never-ending quest to bring dishonest labs to justice: private insurance companies. And among the insurance … [Read more...]


Model Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

While it may be the most effective way to enforce your anti-drug and alcohol policies, an employee testing policy must be carefully drafted to withstand legal challenges, especially if you impose … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Pandemic Influenza Policy

Although not officially a pandemic, the miserable 2018 flu season is a vivid reminder of the importance of preparing so that your lab responds effectively if and when the next pandemic does hit. The … [Read more...]


Tools: Model Flu Vaccination Policies—Mandatory & Voluntary

Vaccination is the most effective defense against flu viruses. So it behooves you to ensure that lab workers get flu shots every year at the start of every flu season. But what if workers neglect or … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Sexual Harassment Policy

The sexual harassment policy has been a fixture of the HR manual for decades. And that's the problem. While lack of toleration for sexual harassment is decades-old, the conduct and our understanding … [Read more...]


Beware of Accidental Discrimination in Lab Job Ads

Before civil rights laws, job ads like these were seen as perfectly normal. Today, employers aren't allowed to post job ads with phrases that exclude or express preferences based on race, gender, … [Read more...]


Here’s my latest Employment Law update prepared for many HR professionals

By Mike O'Brien  bio Lots of ADA Facility Lawsuits in Utah: Here is an interesting legal news update from my partner Mike Judd: Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) … [Read more...]