Employment Law Update for August 2017

By Mike O'Brien  bio Here is my periodic update prepared for interested HR professionals trying to deal with the complex American employment laws. In this update: REPEAL? REPAIR? REPLACE? … [Read more...]


Should you be paying your staff overtime?

By Nick Hernandez  bio It is a recurrent challenge for human resource professionals: Determining whether an employee is exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act … [Read more...]


Here’s my latest Employment Law update prepared for many HR professionals

By Mike O'Brien  bio Lots of ADA Facility Lawsuits in Utah: Here is an interesting legal news update from my partner Mike Judd: Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) … [Read more...]


Medical Necessity Requirement Bites Anatomic Pathologists

By Robert Mazer  bio The DOJ has announced two separate settlements involving claims for allegedly unnecessary special stains. Medicare permits a pathologist to order special stains when … [Read more...]


Trump Budget “Blueprint”: 4 Ways It Will Impact Labs

President Trump's 2018 budget proposal includes a number of items likely to affect your laboratory. Here are the four things lab managers need to know about the proposal. What It Is & Is Not The … [Read more...]


New Laws: Civil Monetary Penalties Get More Expensive—and Easier to Dish Out

One aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that is not likely to be repealed is the enhancement of penalties for Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. That includes the new Regulation on civil … [Read more...]


So, Now What? How a Trump Presidency Will Impact Labs & the ACA

Needless to say, the election of Donald Trump will have major ramifications on not just labs but the entire health care industry. But while changes are a certainty, it is far from clear what and how … [Read more...]


Labs Want Congress to Intervene on LDT Regulation

With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the threshold of releasing final rules for its oversight of LDTs, the lab sector is taking a run at preserving the current regulatory model by essentially … [Read more...]


Bill Would Strip California of Its Authority to Regulate Laboratories

A bill is pending in the California Legislature that would take the licensing and inspection of clinical laboratories away from state regulators if signed into law. Authored by Assemblywoman Susan … [Read more...]


ACLA Uses Cancer Initiative to Lobby on PAMA, LDTs

The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) has applauded the Obama Administration’s proposal for a $1 billion cancer “Moon Shot Task Force” that would drive researchers closer to a cure for … [Read more...]