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Compliance Tool: Healthcare Equity Plan Model Form

Follow the steps in this form to help you develop and implement an effective healthcare equity plan for your lab.

Here’s a form you can use to develop and implement an effective healthcare equity plan for your lab. The form includes the key objectives required by current equity standards. You then need to supply the details necessary to achieve each objective, including:

  • The action steps you’ll take—which should include both short- and long-term measures;
  • The resources and people you’ll need to accomplish the objective;
  • The metrics you’ll use to measure progress and ultimate achievement of the objective; and
  • The timeline by which you hope to achieve the objective—which you can break down into stages.


ABC Laboratories Health Equity Plan

ObjectiveAction StepsResources NeededMetricsTimeline
Designate Health Disparities Officer
Use self-reporting methodology to collect demographic data from patient and/or caregiver
Verify accuracy and completeness of patient self-reported demographic data
Train lab staff in collection of self-reported patient demographic data
Use demographic data to screen patients’ health-related social needs
Stratify patient safety, quality, and/or outcome measures using demographic data
Analyze stratified data to identify disparities by demographic
Develop and implement plan to eliminate at least one identified disparity
Develop mechanism to measure effectiveness of steps taken to eliminate identified disparity
Develop mechanism for follow-up action when steps to eliminate disparity fail
Incorporate equity principles into mission and values statements
Link quality and equity
Get leadership buy-in and commitment to creating culture of equity
Empower staff to address equity
Tie leadership compensation to equity and disparity reduction goals
Use reporting mechanism to communicate outcomes for various patient populations
Build working ties with community groups and organizations serving impacted populations
Establish mechanism for annual equity plan progress reports