Emerging Tests: Progress & Key Developments in the Scramble to Develop a Rapid Coronavirus Detection Test

As coronavirus continues to spread and claim more lives, the development of a quick, safe and effective diagnostic test for detecting the 2019-nCoV virus has become an urgent global priority. Not … [Read more...]

FDA Watch: Agency Grants Emergency Clearance for CDC Novel Coronavirus Detection Test

Because the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak was so unanticipated, there were no FDA-approved commercial products for it available in the US during its early days. On Jan. 28, the FDA unveiled its … [Read more...]

Emerging Tests: Lab Industry Mobilizes to Develop Coronavirus Detection Test

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak came without warning and is having a seismic impact on laboratories and the diagnostics business. The imperative for the industry right now is to develop a … [Read more...]


The DX Pipeline: OraSure Subsidiary’s DNA Test Sample Collection Kit Gets FDA Greenlight

On Jan 22, Ottawa-based DNA Genotek announced that it has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for its Oragene Dx kits for collecting saliva samples for DNA testing. According to the company, Oragene Dx is … [Read more...]

FDA Watch

Agency to Use EUA Pathway to Clear New Coronavirus Detection Tests

There are no FDA-cleared tests to detect the new 2019-nCoV Wuhan coronavirus. But on Jan. 28, the agency unveiled its strategy to promote the rapid development and availability of safe and effective … [Read more...]

Industry Buzz

Lab Companies Scramble to Bring Coronavirus Detection Tests to Market

Along with an urgent public health challenge, the outbreak of the novel 2019-nCoV coronavirus in Wuhan, China, first reported on Dec. 31, has created a strategic opportunity for makers of lab tests. … [Read more...]


Test Quality: New Study Casts Doubt on Whole Exome Sequencing’s Accuracy in Diagnosing Genetic Disorders

Depending on the reporting laboratory, patients who undergo whole exome sequencing may receive false negatives or incomplete test results. That is the finding of a new study published in Clinical … [Read more...]


Genetic Testing: New Medicare Early NGS Cancer Test Coverage Policy Is Less than Meets the Eye

For Myriad Genetics, Foundation Medicine and other manufacturers of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based test panels for early-stage cancer risk assessment, the recent announcement of CMS’ decision … [Read more...]

Emerging Tests: New Study Supports Feasibility of At-Home Urine Prostate Cancer Testing

One of the most challenging aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis is collecting urine samples from patients. In addition to being highly uncomfortable, post-digital rectal examination collection yields … [Read more...]


FDA Unveils New Process for Streamlined Review of IVD Tests Used in Cancer Drug Trials

Typically, in vitro diagnostic (IVDs) tests used in investigational cancer drug trials require two submissions: one for the IVD test and another for the drug. But on Oct. 9, 2019, the US Food and Drug … [Read more...]