Telecommuter Home Office Hazard Assessment & Inspection Checklist

While not an OSHA obligation, it’s highly advisable to take measures to protect the health and safety of telecommuting lab employees who work from home. How? By having employees seeking approval to … [Read more...]

Compliance Perspectives

How to Create a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

For as long as COVID-19 remains a threat, businesses—both essential and nonessential—won’t be allowed to re-open and remain open unless they implement a plan to control workplace infection risks. … [Read more...]

Model COVID-19 Medical Screening Policy

Regulators have made it clear that given the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers may implement pre-screening measures to ensure that people who have or may have the virus don’t … [Read more...]


Spot the HIPAA Violation

SITUATION Lab technician Khan Tajus reports to his manager that he’s just tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. The manager orders him to go home, talk to a doctor and stay in self-isolation … [Read more...]

Trap to Avoid

Keeping Lab Employees On Call during Breaks without Paying Them for the Time

Does this sound familiar? A hospital lab needs around the clock staffing so that tests for acutely ill patients in the ER can be performed at any time without delay. But staffing is tight and often … [Read more...]


Do Lab Employees Who Fear COVID-19 Infection Have the Right to Refuse Work?

In normal times, failure to show up for work or refusing to carry out work assignments is a form of insubordination subject to discipline. But in times of pandemic, work refusals by employees due to … [Read more...]

Managing Lab Staff

Steer Clear of 8 Pitfalls in Telecommuting Arrangements

Medical testing labs are among the “essential businesses” exempt from the mandatory workplace shutdown rules in effect across many parts of the country. Even so, telecommuting may be a desirable, if … [Read more...]


TOOL: Model Screening Form For Coronavirus COVID-19

We don’t yet know how contagious coronavirus (COVID-19) is but we do know that it can spread via human-to-human contact. We also know that the risk of contracting the diseases is significantly greater … [Read more...]

Managing Staff

Quiz: Is Lab Liable for Courier Driver’s Negligence?

SITUATION A lab hires a third-party contractor to provide it courier services. The contractor hires the drivers and provides the vehicles and equipment they need to do the job. While collecting a … [Read more...]

Managing Lab Staff: Supervisor Liability for Subordinate Misconduct Under Civil Rights Law

Pop Quiz: Name five bad things that can happen if you fail to properly supervise your lab’s testing staff.  Chances are, your response included testing inaccuracy leading to patient endangerment, … [Read more...]