Labs in Court

Theranos Redux? Feds Target New Silicon Valley Diagnostics Start-Up Investment Scam

Case: Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against the co-founders of a San Francisco biotechnology start-up firm with defrauding investors by making bloated claims about a revolutionary … [Read more...]

Labs In Court

Talking to Competing Lab Doesn’t Violate Marketing Manager’s Employment Contract

Case: In 2017, S&G lab hired a market manager at a base salary plus 35 percent of net profits generated by his accounts. But then came EKRA in 2018 and S&G felt compelled to redo the deal as a … [Read more...]

Labs in Court

Patient Recruiter Found Guilty of Running Telemarketing CGx Testing Scheme

Case: After a four-day trial, the owner of an Orlando telemarketing call center was found guilty of running a $2.8 million cancer genetics screening test scam (CGx) targeting seniors in Medicare. The … [Read more...]

Labs In Court

Genetic Test Lab Pays Over $2.5 Million for Role in Nursing Home Scam

Case: Federal prosecutors accused a molecular testing lab owned by California-based AutoGenomics of carrying out a scheme to generate illegal referrals of tests on residents of 76 nursing homes that … [Read more...]

DX Deals

Hologic Leverages Google Cloud Machine Learning to Boost Cervical Cancer Screening

Hologic has its head in a cloud. And that’s a good thing. On Feb. 1, the Massachusetts-based medical technology firm announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to … [Read more...]

Labs in Court

Genetic Testing Lab Pays $2.5 Million to Settle Kickback and False Claims Charges

Case: The feds accused a California-based molecular diagnostics firm of working with a marketing firm to carry out a scheme to falsely bill Medicare for medically unnecessary genetic tests performed … [Read more...]

Industry Buzz

Guardant Health Challenges Exact Sciences’ Leadership of Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics Market

Colorectal cancer diagnostics is a multi-billion-dollar market that, at least before the pandemic, was projected to grow at an annual rate of nearly 6 percent. In recent months, two leading firms have … [Read more...]

DX Deals

Global Collaboration Seeks to Develop Game-Changing Handheld COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test

A handheld, easy-to-use breathalyzer device capable of accurately detecting COVID-19 at the point of care would represent a breakthrough in the effort to contain the spread of the virus. That vision … [Read more...]

DX Deals

Siemens, California Health Network and Biopharm Research Company Partner for Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Testing

Although COVID-19 remains the driving force, non-pandemic-related strategic deal making continues. Among the most impactful deals announced in December is the partnership among Renown Institute for … [Read more...]

Inside the Lab Industry

Abbott and Quidel Stake Out Early Claims for Leadership of SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Testing Market

What COVID-19 antigen assays lack in accuracy with regard to RT-PCR testing is offset by their speed, low cost and scalability. In the long term, these advantages make point-of-care COVID-19 antigen … [Read more...]