Sequencing-Based Panel May Improve Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules

A genetic test panel can help patients avoid unnecessary diagnostic thyroid surgeries, according to a study published Nov. 8 in JAMA Oncology. More than six in 10 of patients with thyroid nodules of … [Read more...]


Panel Size Affects Accuracy of Tumor Mutational Burden Calculation

Panel size is a critical determinant of test performance and cutoff values for determining the tumor mutational burden (TMB) to guide treatment decisions with immunotherapies, according to a study … [Read more...]


Despite 23andMe Authorization, FDA Cautious About PGx Testing

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided 23andMe (Mountain View, Calif.) authorization for the first direct-to-consumer (DTC) test for detecting genetic variants that may be associated … [Read more...]


One-Fourth of Myriad’s Variants of Unknown Significance Reclassified Over 10 Years

Variant reclassification following hereditary cancer genetic testing is common, according to a study published by Myriad Genetics (Salt Lake City) Sept. 25 in the Journal of the American Medical … [Read more...]


Liquid Biopsies Enable Pediatric Brain Cancer Monitoring

Liquid biopsies may enable physicians to monitor treatment effectiveness for children with brain cancer, enabling detection of progression earlier than MRI imaging, according to a small study … [Read more...]


Similar Driver Mutations Seen Across Metastasized Cancer

Driver mutations that are responsible for cancer growth are similar among metastases in a single patient, according to a study published Sept. 7 in Science. Thus, the authors say, a single biopsy is … [Read more...]


Majority of Patients Unaware of their BRCA Status

Eight in 10 patients carrying a BRCA mutation are unaware of their status, according to a study published Sept. 21 in JAMA Network Open. The authors say these findings highlight that previous BRCA … [Read more...]


AI Using Laboratory Data to Inform Clinical Decisions

Artificial intelligence- (AI-) based technology is beginning to penetrate health care. Like most other clinical decision-making, several early AI applications rely upon laboratory data. While … [Read more...]


New Test Aids Lung Cancer Risk Assessment, But Survival Benefit of Comprehensive Sequencing Questioned

Lung cancer-related testing is receiving a lot of attention, but recent results appear to show mixed benefits for these emerging tests. There is an urgent need to improve lung cancer risk assessment, … [Read more...]


Whole-Genome Sequencing Adds Value to Cardiomyopathy Workup

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) identifies additional genetic causes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) beyond those identified through targeted gene sequencing approaches, according to a study … [Read more...]