Point of Care

New Low-Cost Sensor Offers Promising Test for Rapid, At Home COVID-19 Testing

Laboratory companies and scientists are working furiously to produce the rapid, point of care testing technology needed to prevent asymptomatic people from spreading SARS-CoV-2. And in a promising new … [Read more...]

Public Health

Lack of Reporting, Not Tests, Is the Bar to Mass Utilization of COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Because of their low costs, scalability and speed, antigen tests may play a crucial role in meeting the unprecedented level of demand for point of care COVID-19 screening tests, particularly in … [Read more...]


CMS Proposes Clarified Medicare Coverage “Reasonable and Necessary” Criteria for Breakthrough Devices

On Sept. 1, CMS proposed a new rule that would, among other things, shed some light on an issue that has been a perennial compliance and reimbursement stumbling block for developers of new lab tests: … [Read more...]


Choosing A Partner to Automate Your Compliance Department

By Kristi Williams bio Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious.  And sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see what has been right in front of you all along.  Such is the case with automation in … [Read more...]


Point of Care: Is the Blood-Drawing Robot the Phlebotomist of the Future?

Question: Is the human phlebotomist an endangered species? Answer: Not exactly. But a new study suggests that at least one robot may be able to collect blood samples just as well, if not better, than … [Read more...]

Labs In Court

Lab Gets Chance to Prove Fraud Claims against Software Vendor at Trial

Case: After being hit with a slew of CLIA penalties, a toxicology lab hired a software and IT services firm to help get its information systems back into compliance. But while progressing toward … [Read more...]


Compliance Perspectives: Using Document Management Systems to Avoid HIPAA Pitfalls

By Andreas Rivera bio One of the most challenging aspects of HIPAA compliance is ensuring that your methods of storing lab records containing protected health information (PHI) meet all of the … [Read more...]


Laboratory Information Systems (LIS): What You Need To Know To Get Paid

By Sean McSweeney  bio Today, laboratory billing claims require more and more data to successfully get paid. One of the biggest reasons your claims may be getting denied is because you're not … [Read more...]


Point of Care: Handheld Device Shows Promise in Detecting Concussion from Blood Samples

A handheld portable device could be more effective than a CT scan in detecting mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI), according to a new study published in The Lancet Neurology. Because it is capable of … [Read more...]


Genetics Update: 23andMe Seeks to Upend the Medical Industry via Genetic Testing Information Sharing

Can one company disrupt the entire lab industry? 23andMe seems determined to find out. The Mountain View, California-based personal genomics and biotechnology company, which first marketed its … [Read more...]