TOOL: Model Screening Form For Coronavirus COVID-19

We don’t yet know how contagious coronavirus (COVID-19) is but we do know that it can spread via human-to-human contact. We also know that the risk of contracting the diseases is significantly greater … [Read more...]


TOOL: Model Employee Illness/Injury Reporting Policy

The OSHA Recordkeeping Standard requires you to record and potentially report work-related illnesses and injuries. Reporting of illnesses and injuries is also crucial to investigating, identifying and … [Read more...]


TOOL: Model Religious Accommodations Policy

Mere tolerance of religious differences in the workplace isn't enough. Federal and state discrimination laws also require employers to take affirmative steps to accommodate the religious beliefs of … [Read more...]


Model Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

While it may be the most effective way to enforce your anti-drug and alcohol policies, an employee testing policy must be carefully drafted to withstand legal challenges, especially if you impose … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Pandemic Influenza Policy

Although not officially a pandemic, the miserable 2018 flu season is a vivid reminder of the importance of preparing so that your lab responds effectively if and when the next pandemic does hit. The … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Sexual Harassment Policy

The sexual harassment policy has been a fixture of the HR manual for decades. And that's the problem. While lack of toleration for sexual harassment is decades-old, the conduct and our understanding … [Read more...]