Sequencing Pediatric Cancer Provides Clinically Useful Information

The Precision in Pediatric Sequencing (PIPseq) Program at Columbia University Medical Center released data on its first 100 patients, which shows that integrating clinical next-generation sequencing … [Read more...]


Special Focus: The Rise of Liquid Biopsy Testing

By Lori Solomon, Editor, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies Early in the year DTET spoke to experts that predicted 2015 would be the year that liquid biopsy technology penetrates the clinical … [Read more...]

Computational Pipeline Can Analyze 1,000 Genomes a Day

A genome computational pipeline has achieved the remarkable throughput of 1,000 genomes, a speed that will enable population-scale genomics. As part of the Intel Heads In The Clouds Challenge, … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Liquid Biopsies

Liquid Biopsies for Oncology to Gain Clinical Momentum in 2015 Liquid biopsy technology holds enormous potential to transform the medical management of oncology patients by providing noninvasive, … [Read more...]

Liquid Biopsies Show Sensitivity in Monitoring Pancreatic Cancer

Liquid biopsies are sensitive enough to detect shifts in mutational load in response to treatment of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, according to an abstract presented by Chronix Biomedical … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Cellphone Diagnostics: Interest High in Cellphone-Based Diagnostics for Field Testing

Mobile health is changing health care delivery worldwide. Now, emerging cellphone-based diagnostic tests are altering the future for how laboratory testing will be conducted, particularly in remote … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Cardiovascular Biomarkers: Interest Seen in Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Disease Risk, But Adoption, Evidence of Clinical Utility Lags

Despite advances in the management of heart disease, cardiovascular (CV) disease remains the leading cause of death. While a lot of effort has been dedicated to the treatment of diagnosed disease, … [Read more...]

Study Finds ‘Considerable Discordance’ Between Estimated, Direct Measures of LDL-C

Standard cholesterol tests that rely on the Friedewald equation underestimate low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels, particularly in cases of high triglycerides, according to a large … [Read more...]

Utilization of Genetic Testing for Familial Cancers ‘Disappointing’

Although there had been a steady uptick in tests performed for the breast and ovarian cancer-causing mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2, mutational testing for other familial forms of cancer have not gained … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Diagnostic Applications: Smartphones Expected to Bring Diagnostics To the Patients’ Fingertips

Integrating the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into clinical care, or mobile health (mHealth), has the potential to transform the practice of medicine, allowing for monitoring … [Read more...]