Inside the Lab Industry: The 2013 Laboratory M&A Market: Strong Yet Flat

The laboratory sector has been beset by reimbursement issues from both public and private payers that have led to flat revenues and a similar perspective for the short term. And while mergers and … [Read more...]

Industry Buzz: Illumina Launches an Incubator for Genomic Startups

Illumina, the San Diego-based sequencing equipment firm and laboratory, has launched a new venture: an incubator for new businesses. The company has launched the Illumina Accelerator Program, a … [Read more...]

Test Clearinghouse Receives Additional Financing

NextGxDx Inc., an online clearinghouse for CLIA-certified genetic laboratory tests, has secured a second round of financing. The Nashville, Tenn.-based NextGxDx received an unspecified amount of … [Read more...]

Rosetta Teams With Israeli Hospital to Develop Test To Determine Risk of Donor Rejection

Rosetta Genomics has entered into a joint venture agreement with an Israeli hospital to develop a molecular test that would assess the potential of organ rejection in newly transplanted kidneys. The … [Read more...]

Industry Buzz: Pathway Genomics Enters Into Pact With Susan J. Komen Foundation

Pathway Genomics, the San Diego-based molecular laboratory, has entered into a pact with one of the nation’s best known breast cancer charity programs. The deal with the Susan J. Komen Cancer … [Read more...]

Sleep Apnea Assay Could Be Groundbreaker in Marketing and Branding

If there is any offbeat whimsy to the act of urinating in a cup, NuSomnea wants a piece of that market. The Maryland-based startup is working with PGXL Laboratories in Louisville, Ky., to develop a … [Read more...]

Venture Capital and Laboratories: A Lingering Question Mark

Despite the vastness of the health care industry, the laboratory sector is one business branch with minimal leverage. Despite its ubiquity - what patient hasn't undergone a lab test? - it still only … [Read more...]