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Insights into Attracting Top Talent to Your Lab

by | Aug 3, 2023 | News, Open Content

Lab staffing expert shares three key strategies for recruiting and retaining talent during difficult economic times.

While many lab and diagnostics companies have been announcing layoffs on the corporate side of things, shortages of laboratory medicine staff continue to be a major issue. A recent Laboratory Industry Report article by Rich Cornell shares three key strategies for dealing with such shortages, even during tough economic times:

1. Adjust Outdated Hiring Models

Rather than waiting until vacancies open, labs should instead adopt an over-hiring approach, suggests Cornell, founder and president of Santé Consulting, a national laboratory medicine recruitment and consulting company. He says labs should keep recruiting even once positions have been filled to avoid having to play catch-up.

2. Dust Off Old Compensation Packages

Cornell points out that “compensation packages from even one year ago will not be successful” in attracting the best candidates to labs. Lab leaders should thus adopt “a compensation model that adjusts according to the current economy,” he writes. Focusing on other aspects such as work-life balance, paid time off, etc., can also help attract talent, he adds.

3. Know the Best Ways to Retain Your Employees

Bringing on new staff is important, but it’s equally crucial to retain current staff. Focusing on preventing and mitigating employee burnout is one key way to do this, Cornell explains. 

Access the full article, “Three Strategies for Creating a Sustainable Recruiting Model,” with a Laboratory Industry Report subscription or free trial. Also see Rich’s related on-demand presentation on this topic from our free June 2023 Lab Institute Virtual Event.