Outreach Survey Focuses on Clinical Laboratory Industry Trends Amidst Greatest Disruption in Three Decades

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Accumen Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the 17th Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey. The survey is designed to capture intelligence on critical elements of the clinical laboratory business to identify strengths, weaknesses, success measures, and trends of hospital and health system clinical laboratory programs across the nation. 

In today’s dynamic healthcare laboratory marketplace, a growing demand for patient service centers, in-office phlebotomist services, and cost reductions are prevalent amidst significant cuts in reimbursement. Health systems also continue to grow the number of owned or affiliated hospitals and physician practices which ultimately impacts the demand on the system’s laboratory structure. This environment promotes an opportunity for hospitals to promote the value of the clinical laboratory through outreach programs and other initiatives as a means of generating new revenue. 

Industry data provided by survey participants is deidentified, analyzed and shared to help laboratories compete amidst fierce competition and industry disruption. Accelerating performance is no longer an option for health systems – it is a mandate. Improving performance in the clinical lab is a critical first step to driving positive change in terms of quality, speed and cost. 

As a performance partner, Accumen executes strategies for clinical laboratories and healthcare partners that streamline people, process, and technology to drive higher quality, deliver better service, and to implement cost containment practices that have sustainability. Accumen’s team of experts leverages proven performance management methods that have transformed every industry to empower health systems in delivering better patient care. 

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