Compliance Perspectives: Use New DOJ Criteria to Vet the Effectiveness of Your Lab Compliance Program

One of the primary responsibilities of a lab manager is to ensure that the lab's compliance program is effective. There's a lot on the line. Having an effective compliance program can help prevent … [Read more...]


Surviving a Medicare Audit: Warn Lab Staffers Not to Lie to Auditors

As a lab compliance director, you understand the dangers of obstructing a Medicare audit. The problem is your staff may not. So, make it clear to any staffer that may come into contact with an auditor … [Read more...]


Q&A on Lab Waste Management

By Dan Scungio, MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ)  bio Understanding the proper separation and disposal of the various waste types generated in the lab setting is an important piece of managing the … [Read more...]


Employment Law Update for HR Managers

By Mike O'Brien  bio This is my periodic update prepared for interested HR professionals trying to deal with the complex American employment laws. Federal Appeals Court says sexual … [Read more...]


Making Laboratory Safety as Simple as ABC

By Dan Scungio, MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ)  bio When it comes to safety in the laboratory, there are several rules, regulations, and guidelines to keep track of from multiple organizations. … [Read more...]


Lab Safety Compliance: Match Your PPE to the Hazard

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers protect workers from hazards in the workplace. PPE such as a gown is one measure for protecting health care workers from exposure to hazards … [Read more...]


Anti-kickback and Stark Law Compliance Tips

There have been a number of anti-kickback and physician self-referral (Stark) cases involving laboratories in recent years. Many laboratory compliance officers may need to focus compliance efforts on … [Read more...]


Compliance Officers: Establish Credibility with Consistent, Well-Documented Decisionmaking

One of the tougher issues a non-lawyer compliance officer faces is a challenge to their decisions and recommendations by other members of the management team. This happens more often when the person … [Read more...]


Remember to Check Excluded Status

Background checks aren't just for spotting criminal records. Are you checking the Office of Inspector General's List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)? In 2013, the Office of Inspector … [Read more...]


Compliance Certification Keeps Staff Up-to-Date, Increases Compensation

Laboratories should encourage or even require their compliance professionals to obtain compliance certification. As the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) reported in a recent compliance … [Read more...]