Laboratory Information Systems (LIS): What You Need To Know To Get Paid

By Sean McSweeney  bio Today, laboratory billing claims require more and more data to successfully get paid. One of the biggest reasons your claims may be getting denied is because you're not … [Read more...]


Market Trends: Lab-Retail Collaboration Remains Strong Despite Theranos Debacle

The Theranos debacle hasn't dissuaded retailers from partnering with labs. LabCorp & Walgreens Walgreens, Theranos's ex-retail partner, has moved on and entered into an agreement with another … [Read more...]


Attendees Given Insider’s Look at a Hospital Laboratory Joint Venture

Hospital systems are increasingly exploring joint ventures as a means to monetize some of the hospital outreach laboratory's assets without exiting the business. Attendees at G2's 36th annual … [Read more...]


Lab 2.0, The Future of Labs

What will the laboratory of the future look like? Attendees at G2's 36th annual Lab Institute (Oct. 24-26; Washington, D.C.) got a glimpse in the keynote "Transitioning from Lab 1.0 to Lab … [Read more...]


How to Avoid a Laboratory Audit

By Sean McSweeney  bio Laboratory audits have a much harder impact on your lab than intended. As detailed by the NCBI, the audit's intent is to review and assess laboratory performance to … [Read more...]


Inside the Diagnostics Industry: Laboratory Data Core to Value-Based Health Care

To thrive in the present challenging environment, laboratories need to deliberately focus on how they can create value outside of their own walls. The key to achieving this is in their data. Speakers … [Read more...]


Conference Ends With Optimistic Outlook for Laboratories

Despite the PAMA cloud overhanging the laboratory industry, G2's 35th annual Lab Institute conference (Washington D.C.; Oct. 25-27) ended on an optimistic note with David Nichols and Drea Langston, … [Read more...]


Lab-Pharmacy Partnerships Expand Retail Lab Testing Trend

Another undeniable sign that commercialization of health care is making meaningful inroads on Main Street with the late June partnership announcement between the laboratory chain Quest Diagnostics … [Read more...]


Market Trends: Quest-Walmart, LabCorp- Walgreens Add Momentum to Mass Retailing of Lab Services

Mass commercialization of health care in general and laboratory services in particular is heating up with a pair of co-branding deals between leading lab chains with national retail giants. What makes … [Read more...]


iSpecimen Generates New Market for Discarded Biospecimens

iSpecimen (Lexington, Mass.) can be thought of as a cross between a dating site and an online marketplace for human biospecimens. The company has built a turnkey solution that connects providers, such … [Read more...]