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The Latest Changes at G2 Intelligence

It’s been busy here at G2 Intelligence as we continue to make improvements to the brand. One change that you’ve likely noticed is that our four monthly briefings—National Lab Reporter, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies, Lab Compliance Advisor, and...

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More Free Content Headed Your Way

Whether you’re signed up for a free or paid membership with G2 Intelligence, you’ll soon have access to more content with the launch of our News section, which we will slowly be rolling out in the next few weeks. This section, which will include a mix of original...

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LabX Media Group Acquires G2 Intelligence

For those who haven’t yet heard the news, we are pleased to welcome G2 Intelligence to LabX Media Group (LMG), a leading worldwide science publishing company that acquired G2 from Plain Language Media at the close of 2021. Though still early in the transition...

The LabX Media Group logo next to the G2 Intelligence logo with a plus sign between them.

Opening a Safety Can of Worms

By Dan Scungio In the 1964 classic movie Mothra vs. Godzilla, released in the US as Godzilla vs. the Thing, a giant egg is washed ashore after a hurricane in Japan. Godzilla finds the egg and tries to break it, but when it hatches, twin giant worms are released...

Asking the Wrong Safety Questions

By Dan Scungio Many years ago, I was hired to perform a safety audit for a laboratory. As I walked through one department, an employee asked what I was doing. When I remarked that I was finding safety issues in order to keep her safe, she asked, “what are you...

Who knew vaccine requirements could be so much fun?

By Mike O’Brien  As you might recall, in one of our previous updates we cautioned that implementing workplace-vaccination requirements could be a bit tricky. It turns out, we were right—just ask the federal government. On Nov. 5, the Centers for Medicare &...

How to keep the safety reaction sharp in the lab

By Dan Scungio The toddler’s father let her hand go so he could pay for their dinner at the busy airport. The little girl quickly wandered away and suddenly found herself at the top of a long escalator that was going down. No one was watching. Mrs. Anders was...

A blue and white promo for the G2 Intelligence 2022 Lab Institute Virtual Event for clinical labs

G2’s Lab Institute Free Virtual Event

Our annual Lab Institute event will return November 8-9 as a free virtual event.