G2 Guide to the Opioid Crackdown & Other New Enforcement Trends

Now Available from the G2 Master Compliance Series:

G2 Guide to the Opioid Crackdown & Other New Enforcement Trends

What Every Lab Involved in Opioid Drug Testing Needs to Know about the Rapidly Expanding DOJ and OIG Opioid Enforcement Crackdown

Other than the COVID pandemic, opioid abuse represents the fastest growing crisis of public health and safety in the U.S. and around the world.

In response, the DOJ and OIG continue to aggressively expand enforcement crackdowns on labs involved in opioid testing, particularly on labs involved in urine drug testing.

Unfortunately, rules and regulations regarding opioid testing are complex, and often unclear.  But penalties for violations can be staggering.  If your lab is involved in opioid testing, it is absolutely critical to implement and maintain an extremely high level of oversight and compliance.

To help your lab understand and navigate current opioid enforcement policies, and help you sidestep compliance pitfalls, fines and even criminal penalties, G2 Intelligence has just released an important new 34-page Special Report: G2 Guide to the Opioid Crackdown & Other New Enforcement Trends.

Here is just a sample of the help your new Special Report delivers:

  • The Opioid Crackdown and the Impact on Labs : Recent Changes in DOJ and OIG Opioid Enforcement Priorities, The Urine Drug Testing “Red Flag”, The Millennium Health Prosecution, Labs With the Most to Fear, Why Hospital and Independent Labs Are Coming Under Increased Scrutiny, The 2018 OIG Report on Improper Payments for Specimen Validity Tests Billed in Combination with Urine Drug Tests, The Exception to the Specimen Validity Medical Necessity Rule, OIG Identifies 4,480 Labs and Physicians who Received Improper Payments, The Two Major Reasons for Payments Are Identified as Improper, 2 Major Recommendations OIG Made to CMS on Specimen Validity Payments, What Your Lab Can Expect If You Received Payments for Specimen Validity Testing
  • EKRA and the Unintended Consequences of the Opioid Crackdown: The Problem Created by the “SUPPORT” Act Signed in 2018, How the Recovery Act of 2018 (EKRA) Allows the DOJ to Prosecute “Patient Brokering” Abuse, The Two Criteria that Can Trigger EKRA Fines and Criminal Penalties, The 6 Exceptions to the EKRA Ban on Private Pay Arrangements, How EKRA Can Be Used to Prosecute Labs that Provide Addiction Treatment Or Recovery Services Even If the Referral In Question Doesn’t Involve Addiction Treatment Or Recovery Services, What Labs Need to Do Now to Protect Themselves
  • Privatization of Lab Fraud Enforcement: Why Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits Are Now Being Joined by a Growing Legion of Private Sector Players, The Growth of Lawsuits by Private Insurers, Consumers and Corporate Shareholders, Why Private Players Have Greater Latitude When Suing Labs for Fraud and Abuse Damages, The Cigna $84 Million Lawsuit, The Rapid Growth of Consumer Lawsuits for Lab Overbilling, Securities Fraud Lawsuits by Corporate Shareholders, The Foundation Medicine Class Action Lawsuit, The New Form of Private Sector Action Against Lab Fraud: Creditor Lawsuits that Don’t End with Bankruptcy
  • And That’s Just a Sample!

Make No Mistake: While COVID rages, the opioid epidemic has continued to grow worse, and DOJ and OIG crackdowns on labs have continued to grow more aggressive.  The penalties for violations can be staggering.  This new Special Report gives you the practical, plain-language help you need to understand the opioid crackdown, and take practical to protect your lab from costly fines and penalties.

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