Improving Lab Biosafety: A Practical Plan for Exposure Eradication

One thing is certain: as the number of trained lab staff declines, and the risk from new and more virulent pathogens grows, the need to establish rigorous biosafety policies and practices is more urgent than ever.

How can you reduce or even eliminate exposure risk in the laboratory? What tools exist that can truly help you protect your staff?  What are the proven best practices that can reduce the risk to your lab?

A Practical Plan for Exposure Eradication in Your Lab

In this 60-minute webinar recording, you will take a deep dive into pathogen risk and prevention and learn rarely-discussed facts that have a major impact on your lab safety program.

In addition, you will discover specific steps you can take to immediately strengthen your lab employee safety training program.

Register now to participate in this webinar where you’ll:

  • Review several references available that provide important information about laboratory biosafety.
  • Classify your laboratory using biosafety levels.
  • Understand how to apply OSHA and CAP biosafety regulations to your laboratory.
  • Learn how to perform risk and task assessments in the laboratory.
  • Learn how to identify biosafety errors in a virtual laboratory.
  • And Much More!

Who Should Participate

If you manage a lab where employees are potentially exposed to viruses or bacteria that are biological hazards, or you are responsible for implementing and managing lab safety practices, or training lab staff, this webinar will help give you the framework to set up a successful management policy.

About Your Presenter

Dan Scungio. MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ)
Dan Scungio is laboratory safety officer for Sentara Healthcare Virginia and North Carolina. As Dan the Lab Safety Man, he also serves as a laboratory safety trainer, speaker and consultant.